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Raleigh, North Carolina and Surrounding Areas
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Edwards Carpet Cleaners focuses on providing a high quality service to all of our customers. Weather it be home or business, we use Hot Water Extraction, which is the only method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction is still the only method that cleans deep into the carpet fibers, and at over 230 degrees, it sanitizes as it cleans. Typical drying times are 4-6 hours, but can take up to 24 hours depending on how heavily soiled carpets may be. Our professional steam cleaning process will improve the appearance of your carpet, extend the life of your carpet, and improve the indoor air quality throughout your home or business.

Our Step-by-Step Carpet Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-inspection
2. Vacuum
3. Pre-spot/Pre-spray
4. Move furniture (upon request)
5. Hot Water Extract / Steam Clean
6. Block and tab furniture legs to prevent spots from furniture
7. Apply Carpet Protector, if requested*
8. Do a final groom of the carpet nap to set pile and rake in protector
9. Post-inspection walk through


By using the latest and most powerful equipment, we are able to provide our customers the best possible service available.  Tile can become very dirty and can benefit from scrubbing, however; it is when the grout gets dirty that customers feel helpless.  To effectively clean tile and grout, we use a combination of chemicals and specialized equipment.

The chemicals are either alkaline or acids used in a combination with a high pressure rinsing tool known as a turbo.  This combination will restore your grout to about 90% of the original color.

Sealing the grout with a protective coating is recommended after the cleaning process is completed.  This will make the grout resistant to staining.  Color Sealing is another method that is available to restore the grout.  This process involves treating the grout lines with a color sealant and will completely restore the grout to its original condition.


If you, your kids, or even your pets have done a number on your furniture Edwards Carpet Cleaners has just what your need.  We can help improve its look and leave it fresh, clean and ready to use again.  Specializing in wet and dry furniture cleaning methods, we can clean your furniture properly depending on its particular cleaning requirements.  In addition to cleaning everyday dirt and grime, we can remove the nastiest stains and odors.  We work with leather, faux leather and suede, as well as linens, cottons and every other fabric imaginable.

Prevent Future Furniture Stains With Protectant

Once furniture is cleaned, you can keep it clean with our protectant. Factory protectant wears off with normal wear and tear in addition to cleanings.  Spill proof and kid proof your furniture with our high grade protectant to keep the fresh and clean look.